Hell on Treads (UNFINISHED)


Yes, despite what it looks like, this is an unfinished. Anybody familiar with my previous work would understand that this isn’t up to my usual par, and I’m sure those people are wondering why on earth I decided to release something that wasn’t finished.

Well, the thing is, I’m a person who thrives on feedback. Most of my inspiration comes from all the great comments from you guys. If I go too long without releasing anything, or if something that I released gets few responses, I start to lose my inspiration to start anything new.

I’ve been working on this picture for an extremely long time at this point. At first I had some huge expectations for it, but the problem with large expectations is living up to them. As time dwindled on, editing this picture became more and more tedious, up until I would simply open up the GIMP file and go “…guh, fuck this. I’m doing something else.” The problem was that, as long as I wasn’t finished editing this, I wouldn’t be able to start a new picture without feeling I had abandoned this one.

So I decided to release it. It may not be complete, but I’m sure that some of you will get some enjoyment out of it. It also means that I can finally start something that I will have more fun creating. This picture isn’t entirely dead though. I may pick it back up some time in the future, but it isn’t a priority.

Now, as for the picture, as some of you may have guessed, this started out mainly as an exercise in smoke effects. All of the smoke in the picture (including that huge plume on the left) was created using one small smoke reference. (You may have seen me mention it before) And yes this picture was very, very, very slightly inspired by that “Get closer I want to hit them with my sword” picture.

Well, there’s my speech.

Comments, Praise, and Criticism Please!

Holy fuck this is awesome.

'Bout time you made something awesome.

It sucks.

No, I’m kidding, its fucking WIDE. Great posing, I love the fire and muzzleflash effects, and the scenebuild is just awesome. Is it a scenebuild?

Yea. It’s on GM_Atomic. The only thing that was part of the map was the terrain.

The smoke looks good. I don’t really see where the large amount of work has been put in.

Francis made me lol.
Fucking awesome work. Could use some more apocalypse tough.

So you finally released it? It looks great, man.

Can I grow up to be as awesome as you? :3:

Oh my. I have only one thing to say. Have a honest palette. Amazing work there.

The smoke from the plane looks stretched.
Can you describe what you were going for when you started making the picture.
I mean I can’t see what more there is too it.

I died of awesome :lol:

Palette for you Vman.

Awesome! The editing looks good!

Wait what the heck, what tank model is that?

needs more medieval infantry fighting dinosaurs

god wills it


Anyone know David After Dentist?

Okay now… Okay now… Okay NOW, I am fucking dead.

Becouse of epicness.

It was going to have a lot more going on in the backround. There were going to be missiles flying through the air, explosions, the buildings were going to be smoking, and the tank was actually going to be firing it’s main cannon.

A Frontlines: Fuel of War russian tank, with 2 resized L4D miniguns, the rocket pods from the FFOW american AA vehicle, and a plow from a STALKER bulldozer.

Ah, I see. Damn nice combination. Where did you get these models from?

Oh wait, don’t say. I don’t want to hear.

This is Erotic.

It’s just one of Dtmech’s models. It’s here on FP.

Why wouldn’t you want to hear?