"Hell opened its gates" June 6th 1944

Another pose, another cookie :slight_smile: and for the one ho wants this omaha map:http://www.scorchingcraniums.com/portfolio/dogsector.html (the coolest ive ever played)


That guy is gonna get sniped.

That map is extremely bland - but thank you for the map, the only one i was using was the shitty HL2 Deathmatch one.

I get torn apart when ever I see pictures of D-Day or the begining of โ€œSaving Private Ryan.โ€

Yeah that one is pretty shitty isn`t he.

I saw it to that was very bloody kind of shocking


The blood decals ruin it in my opinion.

This is a better D-Day themed map anyway:

It is the most downloaded and played custom map in Day of Defeat: Source.

but remember the water is fucked uped?

that really feels like d-day.

Ive been there on the real omaha. looks pretty realistic and has the D-day feeling.


I got a new pose i made a few minutes ago: