"Hell was just light years away." An ODST Squad runs through enemy fire.


I see some jaggedy shit so I guess I forgot to change the video settings after the multiple crashes.

Used Ingame explosion, finally got back to making a pose over the few weeks of absence.

Any ideas on how to give the explosion lighting?

Messed with the image curves and used my first in game explosion, any tips well appreciated.


My only complaint is that the explosion seems too transparent.

Just cut the background and add some brightness to the explosion. I tried editing, worked for me.

Is that a reskin of Lilwasa’s ODST’s?

I don’t like how the text is just floating there in standard white arial.

editting sucks

but it’s epic

Obviously not, once again they’re oody oody private models.
That you probably will have, I hate you for this. :saddowns:

Nice posing but that explosion is really ugly.

Alright then. What makes it suck?


I guess it’s because everything still looks like raw in-game stuff; it means you didn’t hide things very well.

I mean I can only see some fog, muzzle flash, and text as the only evidence for a retouched picture

but posing and angle, top notch.

That plain white text looks horrible.
Should have just not put it there or make a special text with Illustrator or something.
Right now,it just looks like you added it with the Text tool in Photoshop without paying any attention to how it was going to look.


Also,i spy low AA.

You used to do better stuff than that,honestly.

Alright so I guess in-game editing makes a crappy image in your opinion?