Hellboy hack/skin

This is a Hellboy hack/skin.
I reskinned and hacked the wolverine model to make this.
I gave it Male npc animations and i gave him player animations too.
I DID NOT include a lua file though so you can just use Model manipulator.
DO NOT REUPLOAD as an NPC or Player model.
He has the tail and arm and horns/ ponytail also.
he only has finger posing not face or eyes.(sorry)
I did this a while ago but i had it sitting in a lot of projects i was doing. I still have to releas my Captain america pack and My RDR pack im working on.


His arm is so low poly in comparison with the rest of the model… also his penis is showing on the last pic

haha yea.

looks like wolverine or Hugh Jackman

needs to be bald on the top of the head.

oh yea, well i didnt say how old he is. Maybe this is him when he was older:wookie:

The only time hellboy had hair on top of his head was in the opening of The Golden Army, when he was about ten or so and never in the comics.

true, but they never REALLY showed him growing up however

Wolverine stop trick-or-treating as hellboy, its getting creepy.

Well actually is Nice
He have Faceposing?
no he Haven’t :smith:

Wait…Captain America Pack
Pic please

:smith: The Model is a prop for me…Why!?