Hellfire [Jets attacking a giant-ass dragon]

**I highly reccomend listening to the thread music:


Eh, I’m not too happy with how this one came out, I had bigger plans for it but they never really came together. I also got lazy near the end so I didn’t bother doing things like texturing. This also may be the last pose I do for a while, because I’m gonna be starting college next week and I will likely have no free time. But that doesn’t mean I can’t try.

And yes, there are black bars, and there ‘aint nuffin’ you can do 'bout it. :c00lbert:

Please compare to the original!

Notable Edits:





Comments, Praise, and Criticism Please!

Holy shit.

That’s fucking awesome, really shows how good fairly low-res models like that can look when edited decently.

cool title

awesome pictures and buildings, amazing effects as usual

Nice, real nice. Fitting music as well. Only suckaz bitch about black bars.

That is one huge-ass dragon.

The picture is simply awesome, I love the fire effect(looks amazing), the posing and angle are great.

But I simply cant get my mind around the buildings below, the perspective seems wrong or something, might just be me.

Very pretty colors on masterFGH edit.

Very original. I like it.

Dat. Fire.

that perspective is totally lol but cool effects as always

oh and that cityscape, i have a feeling im not the only one who knows its not real :laugh:

Yea, like I said, there are a lot of aspects about this pic that I really don’t like. Those buildings in particular.


broke automerge :downs:


wow vman, just wow probably your best so far. perspective, yea alittle off, but not by much. this is now my desktop background

dude what the fuck is up when the hell did you get this fucking good man xD.
that’s some art-fucking-tastic right there

You’ve been gone for a while.

also, that’s a big god damn dragon


Yeah but though you see the reason behind why I quit was because I did screenshots so often that I was just never impressed by anything I saw. Now that I’m back after a few months the general skill level in editing/posing has raised and I actually enjoy looking at peoples screenshots more. You should try it some time.

Fuckin’ krad.



Oh god. Can’t think of any criticism. Too blinded by the awesome.

is the dragon supposed to be as big as a city? christ. how does it even stay in the air?