"Helljumper, helljumper, where you been?"


Visor’d version



What does the title have to do with a .gif of a girl molesting her boo- oh wait. . .

Fucking- Nick.

“Hmm, there’s something ‘overused’ about this image.”


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Seriously, I like the Nick model, it’s very applicable.


Cool colors.

Are these models released?

not yet, but if they’re at the stage where you can make such cool stuff with them it hopefully won’t be too long until bloo releases them.

Badass to the max! Good work Hunter!

There are these, however.

Not exactly the greatest, but they’ll scratch the Halo itch that’s been coming on since hunter’s started posting these.

(Also, the skeletons for the ODSTs are shit. Really needs to be replaced with the Enhanced Citizen ones.)

Hot dickings.

They’re rigged to Valve’s skeleton, so they can use the Enhanced Citizen skeleton. I tried it and they worked perfectly.

As for the picture - what else can I say apart from “Well Done”?

Ah, made it sound like I haven’t already done that before.

I have. Valve’s skele is shit for posing.

Valve skeleton is good for simple poses and backround characters that dont need to do anything complex.

That’s true, but every time I’ve seen a CS:S or HL2, the Valve skele has been traded out for a different one.

It’s the arms, really. Can’t rotate them properly.

Have to agree with you there,the arms are a bitch to pose.

Eh, it’s generally okay if the riggin on the shoulder and bicep bones is alright and someone does wider phys contraints.