Hello, brand new player but having some issues


Been playing for a few hours, and i cant get over a certain problem which makes it hard to play for me.
PC specs in general: 3,9ghz 8 ram and gtx 770. Playing other MMO games without bigger issues with graphics etc.

My problem with Rust is when i hit (no matter if its in the air or an animal) i slide sideways. If i hold the left mouse button, then all i do is sliding to left. When trying to hit an animal i have to aim WAAAY to its right side, so i land the hit in middle if you understand how i mean.
I also have a bit of laggy-ness but have turned down the graphics and have been playing on a server with 35 ping. So cant be the server? Laggy-ness like when i hit esc, it takes a few sec. When i try to click on a server, it takes a few sec to highlight it. And the “apply” buttom when i try to lower sensitivity doesnt do anything at all.

Can i get some help on these problems please? :frowning:

Make sure you are not high as fuq.


Really good answers… Is this what to be expected from this community?
I do understand that i missed out on saying that i do not want dorks to answer. Maybe this is clear now? It should be a locked topic saying you need to state this so you dont have to deal with annoying five year old kids, trolling.

Sorry about them. We’re not all idiots here. Sorry about your issue, I have no idea what could cause that - I just felt the need to apologize on behalf of everybody here with brains.

I’m having problems with the game …
I choose the server and can not get into the game.
Please help me as soon as possible because I play hahahahahah.

Thanks for the help.

Yeah thanks. Got a bit frustrated when trying to find answers. Luckily i fixed it myself ^^ But thank you for your comment