Hello Darkness My Old Friend (Warning May Contain Gore)

Yeah I reinstalled Photoshop,

Got this song stuck my my head whilst posing this, not all to sure why, I blame Bill!:


Large picture including zoey with her guts hanging out:

few things I messed up:
-Forgot to but a couple o dead infected around the show (though it’s probally better without them)
-Accidentally removed a layer (incuded cuts/scratches, mainly throat wound)
-Havn’t photoshoped anything in ages

C&C Welcome of course, unless its about it being to dark (because it damn well isn’t)

awesome song.

nice, but the shit is too dark

The thread music is kinda of overused and doesn’t really fit with the extreme violence. If perhaps Zoey just had a small wound it would work… but It doesn’t work as well with the intestines all over the floor.

That aside, the picture is good. Posing and lighting are both nice.

Yeah, I agree with the music but for some damn reason its in my ruddy head, ('Nam era music in general, the war may have been a cock up itself, but it still has the best sound track)

Good picture

Nice. But it would’ve been better if it had someone(I.E, Francis or Louis sobbing over teh body) and bill had His eyes closed smoking as If he’d seen stuff like this before.

You can’t tell from that angle but Bill in the foreground is just sat on a box, smoking his cigarette.
Louis is vomiting (couldn’t be arsed/didn’t want to, PS vomit)
Francis is just covering his mouth

Ah, now I see.

You killed Zoey you bastard:)

Gore and blood looks good. Should had more details though. But have a wood.