Hello everyone, I am introducing my self.

Hello everyone, my name is John8734 and I am a PC Gamer, I have recently bought Play Rust and I am thinking of making a YouTube series on it. I upload all types of Game play, I take requests and I comment/read everyone’s comment. My YouTube channel is https://www.youtube.com/user/gameplayingful . I hope you enjoy my content and when I upload a video, I will be sending it straight here. (I am sorry if I posted this in the wrong place, let me know where I should have posted it). Thanks for reading.

Welcome to Facepunch.


well there is a global youtube thread so every guy n gal who want to be youtube stars doesnt have to make a post and clutter the forum… but it gets buried now and then so no harm done.

welcome and best of luck

Alright thanks guys :slight_smile: