Hello facepunch team! Question about S&Box beta status (banned)

Good day to the Facepunch community. Today I received a notification in my steam about the return of an S&Box copy. The site where I was previously in line to get beta access, now has a notification that I’m banned.

This situation is very upsetting to me, I’m a big Gmod fan and was very much looking forward to accessing the S&Box beta. Do I understand correctly that the reason for blocking is inactivity in this project?

The next few lines will probably sound like an excuse, but I’ll say them anyway. Last few months I had little time, in my spare time I was working at SCP universe mod project in CS:GO game. Do I have any chance of regaining access to the beta in the future? As I said above, I’m very interested in S&Box and would like to try my hand at developing mods for it.

Thank you and sorry for my bad english.

you are a victim of the “purge” more infos here:

basically they banned everyone who was not very active, you have no chance of getting access again until game fully releases