Hello fellow gmod followers button problem!

Hi guys! I have a button problem, admins can only press other ppls button on DArkRP 2.4.2 on my server seems that something is blocking it, I thought Falcos prop protection didnt apply to it I dont know.

does anyone know how I can fix it? I dont really want to turn prop protection off.

Try removing suspect addons such as the prop protection, and if that is the problem, either remove that addon permanently or you could try and find the bit in the addon or its code that is conflicting, that can be hard unless your skilled at coding and know how the addon works.

What kind of admin mod are you using? Maybe you didnt give regular players access to press the button.

FPP Does apply to it. If you’re admin you can find the settings under utilities or options, disable ‘use protect’ to allow everyone to press any button, or have your players use the share tool.


I’ve used Evolve before, and personally, I hate it. Try to search up either ASSMod (It’s quite old, but it works) or ULX.

Evolve doesn’t allow anyone under admin to press buttons nor sit in another persons vehicle. You could try to go into the script and edit the files so it’s allowed, but I don’t have any expirience with that.

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Found a little link for ULX if you will ever need.