Hello fellow rust players. LF server/ server owner to play with

Hello all, I felt I needed to finally make a post here. I enjoy rust greatly but have not played recently due to hackers just ruining my game over and over. I have over 300+ hours logged in, a good computer, and a great connection. I do not work during the winter months and have tons of time to play. I am looking to become friends with a server owner, or possibly become a admin. I have a mic, skype, vent, mumble, or whatever is needed to get hooked up with someone.

I have always played pretty much solo, and done my own thing. However after spending countless hours building up to get to the pvp and base raiding fun…

I get no clipped… over and over. So I am looking for a server owner or admin to partner up with who can at least replace a few things after getting no clipped. I am so tired of losing everything and having to start from scratch due to hackers…

I know people are thinking I am some little sally girl who just cannot build a proper base or whatever. I have no problem farming up 100 metal doors… but coming back on the next day to see no doors missing but everything i worked so hard for is gone every time.

So this is my last effort to find a way to make rust enjoyable enough for me to play again without having to wait until they finally patch out this no clipping nonsense.

I am a older guy who is fun and easy going. I like to say I am also pretty damn good at rust so it is a huge deal when these guys just fly through my doors and snatch my legit 50 guns/ c4 everyday =( I know the map real well and I think would be a great asset to any group/player.

Thank you and sorry but I work with my hands for a living so my spelling and grammar is not the best.


plenty of groups to join on here.

I am looking for a server where If I get no clipped I will not have to start from nothing except my house over and over…

Come play on our server. We’re new and not too populated yet since we’re a community that’s just starting out. But I don’t let jackasses ruin others’ gameplay. I created this place where people can play the game without having to concern themselves with nonsense. There aren’t any handouts to specific players, favoritism, or anything like that.


Hello Panoptic:

I have also put a good amount of time into this game but became frustrated by unfair play. After some time I decided to purchase a server to ensure I could learn the game and not worry about hackers and/or server wipes or admin abuse.

However, I work full time and travel every few months so I am worried I cannot provide the optimal player experience. Please contact me at RustCaliforniaDreams@gmail.com to discuss further. We can exchange additional information if we determine we share similar goals.