"Hello" from Don



Lure him into a false sense of security, then whack him. I like it.

I like the posing and faceposing n stuff but the shadows from the hats look overly exaggerated, almost like they’re wearing veils or something.

Yes, I know, but for some reason it seemed so beautiful :3

That’s what the Gambinos did, before cutting them up in the basement of their club.

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At least i think it was the Gambinos

The dudes with the hats look like they’re wearing bee-protective face nets or whatever they’re called.


I like the shadows obscuring the faces, the “faceless” hitmen of the Mafia.

Good job, faceposing is great too.

Thank you, you are the only one who understood the full meaning :3

All good henchmen in cartoons, films etc. are either wearing face-obscuring items, or are clones.
That’s why stormtroopers (and Combine) are so popular.

Nice lighting.

It was obvious what it was there to do it’s just executed poorly.