Hello good people, I just have a simple request.

Can anyone here properly port the DC-15 from starwars? Mainly as a swep with a W_model and a V_model.

Nope, it will never happen.

Just a warning. After neglecting to update the swep for a while, past Garry’s Mod updates have rendered it completely broken.
But there’s good news, out of sheer boredom, I’m attempting to fix it. As well as fixing the DL-44. Maybe I’ll add more, who knows.

If you do, good sir, I will be happy. And I am amazed by what you did so far, despite it being broken. I hope you do fix it.

To be honest, it’s just a bunch of code from different authors. I just found bits and pieces of code that I needed and threw it all together. It’s a complete mess, and if anyone who knew how to script in lua looked at it, they’d probably break down crying over how bad it really is.

As for the update, it actually fires again, it hasn’t done that for at least 6 months.
Now to fix everything else… :smithicide:

Seriously, if you get it done shoot me a link. I’d love to use this thing.

for future reference, both the Models/Skins and Lua Scripting forums have Requests subforums

You can test it out as I work on it, literally.
There should be a link to an SVN in the bottom of my thread.

I just updated the DC-15, and I’m about to test it ingame again.

In this case, it’s just lua, the models have already been prepared.