Hello guys, could you please give me the model of silent hill pt?

Hello I know that the news is old that you could get some models of the hall of silent hill, but the serious thing could have the hall? I am curious about how it is designed, I am a student of 3d modeling, and that corridor ah called attention, I have modeled it in 3d max, but it is not the same, here is a capture of my model, thank you very much.
my model

As I told you in my reply to your private message, it’s not quite that simple. The hall is made up of quite a few different models that have to be properly pieced together and textured, it’s not just something you can slap into a 3D model program and be done with it.

I understand, if I could have a ps4 I could get the models, but at the moment I can not, I have no money, I know how this software works :gordito:

A PS4 isn’t necessary, the files have already been ripped and posted online. The thread has links, which I sent you.

I’m ripping the aisle, then I’m uploading a catch of the result