Hello, having FPS issues, would love some help guys if you have time.

Hello all, So I bought rust a week ago and really enjoy it so far. Having some frame issues tho, things are unstable and very random between different servers. After testing different settings, and different servers, I’m leaning towards cpu or ram being the issue for me.
I’ve messed around with the graphics settings and they don’t seem to change much, Rust says in bottom left only 700 mb of my GPU is being used (most I’ve seen) and it’s a 2 gig card so that should be fine ya? Also I noticed way better FPS on fresh wiped servers, which lead me to believe the buildings and things stored (player’s items) are what are making me lose fps. So I’m thinking I might try a slight overclock on cpu, although I only have stock cooling :confused: Until I can order a new CPU. My ram is kinda old gen (purchased in 2009) I was wondering if that could be an issue. Thanks so much for any help.

My pc:
CPU : AMD Athlon II X4 640 3.0 ghz
GPU : HD 7870 2GB
Ram : 8GB
Pow : 550w

Rustafied Server: not recent wipe
Players 100+
FPS 10-20

Battlefield server: fresh wipe
Players 40 ish
FPS 50-60

Fresh complete wiped server:
Players 40 ish
FPS 70-80

Bloodbane server: 2 weeks since wipe
Players 100 ish
FPS 18-50

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I tried going into windowed mode and watching my task manager %s . CPU stayed pretty steady at 54% and mem was 73% or so, pretty steady too… in rust it shows 400 MB and my FPS is like 20-30. That just doesn’t seem right?

Is anybody alive in these forums? :slight_smile: just found this site which is supposed to tell you if your pc can handle certain games. Seems my hardware should easily be able to handle rust…I don’t understand why I’m getting garbage fps… http://www.game-debate.com/games/index.php?g_id=9210&game=Rust&p_make=AMD&p_deriv=Athlon+II+X4+640&gc_make=ATI&gc_deriv=Radeon+HD+7870+DirectCU+II+2GB+Edition&ram=8&checkSubmit=#systemrequirements

Don’t ever believe these sites when it comes to early access games, when it comes to rust they are dead wrong. Honestly it seems like a mixture of things, your CPU is fairly weak, and slow old ddr2 ram definitely wouldn’t be helping the situation.

Also the in game memory and video memory counters don’t work properly, they don’t even show anything close to what your ram and vram are actually using.

Yea I just noticed deep in the comments on that page its out dated. Apparently that was for legacy rust lol, which seems could run on a toaster. Well I’m out of ideas, Everything is at like 60% usage but still unplayable 15-25 fps. Its gotta be something weird.

Check this out: http://www.rustafied.com/improving-fps-in-rust-experimental/

I have similar specs and this helped me a bit.

thanks bro, I’ll check it out

Well it seems most of that guide is for graphics settings, I was hoping to find something related to cpu usage but here is a screen shot of me playing today. Average 20-30 fps, drops to 8 fps for 5 seconds or so even :frowning: graphics set to fastest. http://puu.sh/oeY7y/b9cb414df5.jpg

Considering I run rust very well on a much worse graphics card with mostly medium settings, your problem could be with memory or network issues.I have some ideas which may not apply but worth considering anyway:

Try checking your network connection and pay special attention to packet loss and signal quality.
Are any other family members using the internet at the same time as you?
Are you running Windows 7 and above and is it 32 or 64 bit (rust needs 64)?
Try a server with less population and a low ping to see if there is a performance difference.
Do you have all the latest drivers, and if running a traditional hard drive has it been de-fragmented recently?
Are any of your components running hot, if so they cold be throttling?

Thanks for reply Super, I’m on win 10 64 bit, just reformatted few weeks ago. Was same low fps before on win 7 too. My net is great, and I’m direct connect, 80+ down / 12 up . Temps look ok, cpu was steady at 47 C even when fps drops to 8 the temp stays the same. I tried a low pop server with 30 ish people earlier today and fps seemed much better, avg 40 fps. Seems like cpu loading all the buildings, players, items ect is prolly it eh?

Edit - btw what cpu do you have super? So I can reference it.