Hello here's thundercloud 3 and tyrannis 2

hello face punch.

tyrannis 2:



thundercloud 3:




where the fuck did my contraption forum go?

pretty damn neat

who are you to speak in such a glib manner with royalty? who were you to even read this post?

Tyrannis one blows these out of the water.

This is really great what inspired you to give the turrets that many barrels!

edit: Love the flag design can I borrow it for a website I’m designing

edit: Why’d you write me dumb? I found this to be a really solid design I’m just wondering if you can take it further

edit: haha I AM using chrome facepunch!!


If they function, 10/5

In any case, gold star.

Grow up Moocow, FP has changed, get with the times.

I don’t really care much about contraption stuff.

But it seems to me like it might be worth your efforts more if you used high quality models to build. There are tons out there. These things usually look ugly to me because they’re constructed by a bunch of shitty models.

I am too new to understand what is going on here.

Just take it slow your learn in time

(smile) :3

Hahaha, GREAT post, friend! Nice to see someone is keepin’ the traditional stuff alive, LOL! Well, time to head out. walks out the door

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who the f*ck asked you, dude…

Wow, really? A bad artist blames his tools is the mark of a poor artist. I don’t remember seeing you provide any Quality Content to the Forum. The cheek…

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wheres the download, hello?

Sorry for the late reply. All I have are screenshots because this world is dead to me.

Oh no… the screenshots don’t work anymore.

That’s one hell of a late reply.

aaaaaa wrong thread

That was a long dictionary camp trip…