Hello, I am in need of some help.

I’m not completely un-tech savvy, but this setting up a gmod server thing is very new to me. I realize I’ll get some hate and some “Do it yourself” messages on here, that’s given. But if anyone is willing to tell me exactly how to set up this starwars RP server, please add Evanelix on steam:) Thank you in advance!:slight_smile: and if anyone got bugged by this, I’m very sorry.

This should be in ‘Help and Support’ not developer discussion.


Yeah. I agree with you, if you learn how to do it yourself it will be easier in the long run. Also learning lua helps with running servers if you go to the wiki or just search it on google. I’m sure there is good guides for both

Rename DarkRP to yet another renamed StarwarsRP gamemode then add Starwars player models… Simple?

Not that you should do any of this.
Do something “orginal”

How about YOU do something original? Instead of being a total lazy dick, you could give him advice on where to ask these type of questions EVEN if it’s about something that’s not politely greeted.

Sure, you can add a comment or two, but with atleast some kind of politeness, don’t you think?

People shouldn’t BE changing the name of Dark RP to Star Wars RP. It’s plain stupid. Dark RP is Dark RP for more then just one reason.

  1. It means the server list fills up with lots of renamed Dark RP’s ( it’s not like the serve list isn’t already busy enough with Dark RP to need others that are renamed that create new catagories.
  2. Dark RP is owned by FPtje and, even if he may not care, people shouldn’t be changing the name of his game-mode because they make a couple of changes ( aka. adding addons ). It’s like saying it’s a new game-mode, when it’s not.
  3. It’s dumb.

All these people setting up Dark RP / “Star Wars RP” servers calling themselves ‘developers’ for editing config files and installing addon’s. If they actually were developers they could quite easily create the basic structure of Dark RP themselves - Money, Buying Doors, Jobs etc.

Good point. But in my opinion, FPtje could help avoid these repaints of DarkRP with multiple video tutorials of GLUA developers, giving a clear explanation on how to modify the structure, in his workshop page? Or maybe mention NutScript?

It won’t avoid repaints, and why would he have to go through the hassle of teaching these kiddies how to code or even help them when he has enough on his plate already. I don’t understand why you are defending the OP when he is trying to do something that requires coding knowledge but he is not willing to learn it himself.

I had no coding knowledge whatsoever before playing Garry’s Mod and am doing fine now after using my brain, the wiki, and a few actually relevant questions in this forum.

Yes, if the kids running servers are re-branding Dark RP because they think adding a few addons is making it a new gamemode… on they ‘developed’, that’s not his problem. It’s just them being inconsiderate and misleading.

I’ll leave this here as well as the official face of not re-naming something and thinking it a new product.


Where did this conversation even go to?..


Try to keep up.

Might as well rebrand your cereal.