Hello I am looking for ...

Hello, please me to help to find: SBMP,SB3,RD3,LS3E,LS3(life support 3,life support 3-entities,Resource Distribution 3,SpaceBuild Model Pack,Spacebuild 3,Spacebuild 3 Gamemod) and maybe that (custom Addon Framework) but I am not sure whether custom Addon Framework is needed because now I have them, but ZPM Modul from avon stargate pack(is downloaded by SVN i think that meen it is updated?) don’t work …

I am sorry for poor English

"search: . . . "

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Oh and welcome to the forums.

I am grateful, but I am I am looking for SVN .link … If may …

Thank you, but there are many versions
do not know what should I choose … One can I give SVN links? :S

I am sorry for poor English

Search here and go to the official threads

SVN Tutorial: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=688324
There are links to snakesvx’s site (which has SB3 and co.) in several places in the tutorial, and SBEP’s SVN link is near the bottom (SBEP is newer than SBMP).


You don’t download SVNs from Gmod.org.


Life support:

CAF - Required for LS3:

In some, the addons are inside the checkout folder.

A bit OT:
Is there any way to adapt the mining addon to LS3 so that we can still teraform planets?