Hello, I am Oneleg!

So yesterday got off on the wrong foot with the thread I posted about asking some questions.

I would like to say I am new to these forums, I’m pretty much new facepunch entirely actually, but I’m hopefully going to be getting Rust really soon, my friend will be giving some keys he has to some of us, so I hope to be able to stream and record footage for this game, it looks really awesome! :slight_smile:

(User was banned for this post ("didn't read the sticky, no introduction threads" - postal))

Either your friend is a Facepunch developer, PsiSyndicate, or a complete liar, because you can’t get keys without them being given away on the forums or to a YouTuber with 100,000+ subs. And when they’re given out on the forums they’re gone in seconds.

My friend actually has 2 keys, 1 he’s using for himself, that he won in the draw a picture contest, and the other one he won on PsiSyndicate’s stream the other day, if he’s lying then I’ll be bummed out…just in case though, I’m drawing a picture as we speak for the contest, not feeling too confident though, because the ones already there, are top notch.

Yeah, top notch xD

And you had to make a thread about it?

Why all these SP threads?