Hello i need a player model from a ragdoll or npc

Hello… so for my Machinima i need an guy that can help me do from NPC or Ragdoll - Player model if you can PM me please :smiley:
And sorry me for my english

Any chance of telling us what model?

Take any model for an npc or ragdoll, and find the .MDL, .PHY, .VVD, and .SW, and .XBOX, (not sure if they are all required but… yah know. I’m not an expirienced modeler, so the next poster can elaborate on which are required. .MDL and .PHY, and I think .VVD is the skin so that too, for sure.)

and put them in the directory

C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps[your steam name here]\garrysmod\garrysmod\models\player

Doesn’t work like that, not even slightly.

Oh well. Guess your screwed then Nelf. :confused:

I said in this thread how to get the models decompiled and recompiled and the bit inbetween, but for this you put in the m_ models (for male models and f_ ones for female models, I can’t remember them all atm) instead of what I said there with the $includemodel line. For this to work the model has to be on the valve biped skeleton or the cs skeleton (in which case you use cs_fix.mdl), as if the model isn’t on one of these skeletons you are pretty much screwed.

Hmm… i need to call my friend to know what based model he have and custom it or no

Thank guy you helped me :smiley:

Nelf, I would suggest using Google Translator to convert from your language to English. It does help. I used it to talk to a Russian on my server once.

hmm… ok thx

np :slight_smile: