Hello I need some Models Ported :)

Hello, I really need some models porting to gmod. If anyone is willing to help me out. Then i can send you either a .obj file or a 3ds max file. and all the textures to go with it.

what did you have in mind?

Well, I need them as player models if at all possible. Do you think you could help me out on this?


But Ragdolls would be okay at last resort

how models?

Okay, well for anyone who is willing to help me on this

here is the link for the model in 3ds Max format

And the same model in .OBJ format (If you don’t have 3ds Max)

Oh Btw. If the model can be face/finger posable that would be so much better. I have provided the highest poly model i could find of the character

you should have at least put in the description its sora from Kingdom Hearts, i’m sure Medrop already ported him into Gmod but i’m not 100% sure.

Oh right! I have seen a few Sora ragdolls for gmod floating around the internet. But not any player models… or infact face/finger posable ones. I just need one that I can animate accurately (like a player model or a fully rigged ragdoll) to use with my school project

But if noone can be bothered (which is understandable) I just need telling how to do it, in step by step form. Then I can do it by myself if noone else is willing to do it.

I have been doing some research, and had many failiure attempts. Adding Skeletons and making QC’s is what gets me. I just need someone who knows what they are doing properly.

is not playermodel because don’t have valve skeleton for the player you must ask to jason278

Jason 278? Why him? He is a cheif Valve Skeleton Applier?

No, he just has a fetish for making everything into a playermodel. Go talk to him.

KK i have sent him a pm. But is there honestly noone else who can help me with this?

I find your lack of faith disturbing.

Lack of faith? I just want this one model done and out the way on a kind of urgent request. I didnt mean any offence or anything.

He was making a Star Wars Joke.

Well this guy hasnt messaged back yet. Can noone help me with this??

hmm i have the model in 3ds max just trying to find a source rig plug-in for it

Cba to find a plug-in so imma use XSI

EDIT 2: neither .obj or .3ds open in xsi :S an on 3ds max i cant find the add bones :S