Hello Im New To This And I New Help From A Skinner

I Am Dumbdee And I Am Wondering If Someone Could Help Me Make A Ragdoll Of My Character With A Picture Refrence If Anyone Can Help Send Me A Pm

This isn’t skinning, this is modelling. Two completely different processes.

Sorry But This Is The Wrong Section Would You Mind Not Talking Like This

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thanks for bein an ass now shut the fuck up

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Skinning And Modeling Are The Same You Take 3d Form And Put Skin Over It

You must be new here.


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thank for the info i allready told you captain dumbass

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shut up, 10 year olds have no place on facepunch

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and no skinning and modeling are not the same. i am a skinner, and i can’t model for shit.

In short, modeling is similar to sculpting a model from clay. Skinning, or texturing, is similar to applying paint to said model.
They are VERY different.

Yeah let’s ask some one to do something for me and not show them what they have to do

anyway i want a gmod ragdoll of this http://browse.deviantart.com/?qh=&section=&q=aceite+the+cybernetic#/d3jx9ob

if there is a model for anyone they can download they can make it into a ragdoll but most people don’t like making ragdolls from scrach so it would be hard to do

not happening lol

how can you expect to get a model when you keep insulting everyone? I think not sir!

i insult them becus there idiots

And what if I was a five star 3D model artist with a degree in graphic design? What if I was the only one who could fulfil your request, and you drive me off by calling me Captain Dumbass?

This is the “Model/Skin Request” subforum, not the “Act Like a Cunt And Get What You Want” subforum. Learn to be courteous, or at the least, have some background information on the work you want done before you come in here throwing demands around.