Hello Kitty Chainsaw

I don’t care what happens with this. If you want to make it, go ahead. I just think it would be funny as hell to see this in a video.

I… I…
I hate it so… so very very much…
and yet…
I want one.

In real life? Or for Garry’s Mod and/or Left 4 Dead 2?

Well Gmod, duh.

Okay. Let’s get it for Garry’s Mod. And since this is in the request section, The Gobo and I request that someone would skin this onto an existing model, or completely create a new one.


But please make sure that there are no CS:S, DOD:S, or HL2EP 1 & 2 textures. I don’t own any of those games. :ohdear:

I mainly just hope the model there gets made,
don’t really care about the skin.

Yeah, I just want to cut shtuff up wid it. Vrooom!

man you requested about 2 models in last hour WTF?

I don’t care, that’s what this thread bulletin is for, right? I didn’t have the intention of having this a model, I just posted it in case someone else wanted it. WTF!?!


:neckbeard: I really wish someone will make this.

that is very cute ^.^ I want one. in gmod as a weapon and prop

Wow, I almost forgot about it being a prop. Thank you, kind…umm, dragon?

I think it’s a digimon, but yeah, I mainly was talkin’ about having it as a prop.
(with a different skin at some point)

Do it

So we have four people requesting? Hmm, maybe I shouldn’t have put it on with a “STUPID” tag…

What the hell is this?
Brooklyn, NY?
We Don’t Use That “Jus’ doo it” Logic Here!
But I will admit, that yes, now there are four people requesting it.
That still doesn’t mean anyone’s gonna do it though

Hmm…how do we get someone to make this???


Hello there sir. Would you like a Hello Kitty Chainsaw?