Hello, may i suggest? and you what do you think of my opinions, do you agree?

Hello like many of you i am an absolute fan of this game… its just as survival as a expect it to be, before starting all my suggestions, point and experience i had with the game with my clan, sorry for my freaking bad English i am French Canadian and i have learnt it all by my self so i know its not perfect yet…

I would like to thank Garry for all his effort and his team. you already gave me alot of hours of playfull time, i like the patch notes trello and everything!

Okay here we go suggestion one

I know that many of us crave for new stuff, i know that… but i would like you to URGE everyone to just work on past stuff, You know to make the experimental with all the legacy stuff its should be prioritized to be able to play rust legacy like
So, i would the new launcher that i aggree, wolf too, but all the Art and caves ai and new stuff, can wait no?

For exemple, i know you worked on foundation and god… that 3 step building hammering oh… i got a boner… i dont know how to explain, i like the new ui and stuff but we cant enjoy all the new things on legacy and it makes me sad when i see someone say, fuck man they dont patch this game… then i have to reply… its on experimental bud, but its not as playable with all the basic stuff rust legacy has, so i suggest to continue playing legacy for a while

I know you want legacy the way it is, so we can come back for it and remenber where we are coming from, maybe we need a third branch, that is not has experimental, but stable build with stables patches? then experimental would be for like pre-patches, and unstabble stuff?

Second suggestion i say somewhere you wanted third person… i hated warz because of cheap players just hiding and camping behind walls and looking with the thirds person camera… its like a god power its unrealistic, its just my point of view i dont mean throw the rock at warz either, but third person for me is god like and op when in bad hands

Third suggestion would be to make it more clear which side of a wall or a window you put the in front… (its not clear) for exemple when you have a wall facing you, its hard to know which side is which, and people with ocd like me, gosh… HELP!!! ahahah

Fifth, Grief… i’m not such a farmer… i’m not such a shooter, i do it but my main goal is Building, and when someone come grief me… with stuff i cant erase from my base like, foundation and pillars and ceilling, its just ruins the fun for me

If Garry you happen to read this, i dont expect you to do what i suggested, but it comes straight from my fan heart, keep it going man! greet work, i like this game!

(Sorry again for ruining your language) imagine now with my voice in game :wink:

(Editing to correct some errors)

What stable build is this? Where is this stable build coming from? Who made a stable version of Rust that isn’t legacy or experimental?

Once experimental replaces legacy as the default branch, I’m pretty sure you’ll see it split between a “stable” version and the bleeding-edge development build (which experimental is right now). But until experimental is playable, why bother? garry’s keeping experimental to one specific server for now.

As for third-person view, it’s something that took the devs 15 minutes to add, and they’re experimenting with it. In a close paraphrase of garry’s own words, if it sucks, it’ll get removed. Third-person allows you to look around corners, and the devs know that.

Building in experimental Rust doesn’t work the same way as legacy Rust. garry has said you will be able to break everything in the new building system, including foundations.

That i like

For the branches i meant to like have a rust legacy but with the new ui, to basicly have a rust legacy but updated and stable while experimental remains for making future stuff, so we can host server on it too, we cant on experimental and since its not playable… its not worth it

They can’t just pop the experimental branch UI onto the legacy. That’s the whole reason they created the experimental branch. ‘Experimental’ is a very misleading name. Think of it as the ‘future’ branch.

I’m sure that garry will expand availability of the experimental server build in the future, when it’s time to have it replace the legacy branch as default. However, we’re not there yet, and it’ll be a while.

The legacy branch is essentially dead. The devs aren’t interested in adding anything more to it; a few small changes were made this week (as proven by the legacy branch just completely breaking into laggy pieces from the transition between Unity 4.0 and 4.5) but those were primarily behind-the-scenes changes to make things easier for the devs.

But don’t expect major overhauls to the legacy branch like putting the new UI into it. Swapping UI engines in the legacy branch right now would take hours and hours of work to do cleanly, and those are hours and hours not being spent actually moving Rust’s development forward. Don’t expect backporting to legacy for anything but what the devs think is critical, because they don’t have any reason to keep working on something that has no future. The legacy branch is a first draft, and they’re salvaging it for parts and holding onto it since it’s still useful.