hello Photoshop Help

Hello i’m looking for someone with Professional Skills to make for me 2 insignia for my arma project ( i hope u got arabic configured in your pc )
1st is Tunisian 51st Marine Regiment in top it say "جيش البحر " means NAVY in bottom “فوج 51 المشاة البحرية” means 51st Marine Regiment

2nd is beret insignia with the black background because it’s part of it

any help

4 days no single reply

In what sorft of style you want them. Like a vector graphics logo or an image simulating being a cloth patch??

1st as patch 2nd graphic logo and if graphic logo is easier make both graphic logos

so how is your progress in working on them

Here they are, made both patch and vector. I took some libertys with some of the stuff as the images you provided were blurry and pixelated, however I tried to keep them as faithful as I could. Im not sure if the text is correct as I just copy pasted it (dont know arabic)…

On a side note, here is not the place to ask for custom models/textures or most types of requests. Most of the time by doing that you will most likely get ignored (community is kind of a dick) and even if you keep bumping the thread ultimately you will start to get offensive comments and stuff like that. So next time don’t ask for stuff in here, is no use.

Im not sure if the images got downscaled or not, they should be stupidly big anyway.

thank you very much, the beret logo is perfect and the 51st marine patch is good even the Arabic words need work and i will try my self, till I remember what tool needs to be used to make it curved i guess ink or something like that