Hello, problem with the game (server's wont show up)

I have tried a few things, but non work…

The only thing that gets me the closest to seeing servers pop up, is if I manually launch the rust client from the directory of steam, not using the steam launcher. But… When I launch manually, when I join a game… I pop to the “wake up” screen, then it just closes out of the server… Something to do with anticheat? Or what?
I verified integrity of the game about 3 times…

I need help. :frowning:

i am having the same trouble with rust experimental i can run it and everything but no servers show

I’m trying to solve this problem by researching more about it, so far nothing new. – I’ll let you know if I find any fixes…

edit: Currently deleted the ‘rust’ folder in steam apps, and re-downloading fresh copy.

Fresh copy didn’t change a thing. Id appreciate some help.

I am having the same issue. Trying to manually connect to servers doesn’t work either. Any help?

Try disabling your firewall - sound awful i know but the same issue happens to me but on disabling my firewall and doing a refresh i can see them

Ehm, I resolved the problem. It was bitdefenders firewall. You gotta disable firewa or make expection in it somehow.