hello , small suggestion

Excuse me, because I 'm bad in English , I’m French . I hope you understand me

Hello everyone , I wrote this article to find out if they could be
to have a system that allows improving his character.

it could balance the game because there are two kind of players:

1- teams pvp kills and are destroying houses

2- intensive farmer who build houses to withstand the assaults

if you faitent of the players category 1, all goes well, you attack everyone on the server
shoot all that moves, make the complaint for several hours outside the front door

against by the players for Class 2 which are not very good in pvp and played alone or in very small team that just become very complicated to find his place .

i already made the complaint to be tested, and the player Class 2 all lost very quickly .
some players end up leaving the server leaving their house abandonment

if you put a system that rewards activity farme ,

example: reap wood or stone, go some place card and meter objects or places to find in each of the three biomes
and Standard fitting reward time spent on the server also .

for example :
after 500 trees felled the character runs 10 % faster.
if it was discovered that the three places in EVERY biome , the character devien 10% more resistant to blow weapons corp to corp
after 500 stone broke character can swim more longtemp without cold
after 300 animals shot down the devien more accurate figure shooting
after 1000 it shot down trees unlocked new building
after 1000 the figure is broken stones over degas with a corp to corp weapon

it permetrer retain players longer on servers, requires to be more active in the construction , requires a browse the map and gives a chance to the players who played alone or without experience pvp

Finally it would be nice to create a kind of global ranking of the top 1,000 players according to category :

for example :

villain ranking : number of people killed
farmer ranking : number of stone and shot abres

a bit like the game infestation survivor story , which then allows to limit the cheat , if a player is too delayed for bad behavior can lose its classification and be banned
this principle would work on rust because it is not a game paytowin .

thank you

Fuck no. Stupid and unbalanced stat’s for farming and building? No No No sir you have the incorrect game sorry.

All suggestions and ideas bad -1 would not rate again.