Hello, Some help, info and Advice needed Plz

Im new to Online PC gaming, Big fan of Half Life through “The Orange Box” on PS3, But I bought everything on PC and Bought Gmod to keep me going untill Ep3 comes out. Dont know much at this moment in time about gmod, I joined a random game yesterday titled Role-Play, Joined with a few friends from the PS3 and Enjoyed it quite well (Except for those that joined and put turrets everywere). Today I downloaded EVOCITY v2 and tried it out but the sky was glitchy, alot of walls were pink, so were afew people lol.

Id get to the point, How do I sort out the glitchy-ness and pink-ness ? I now a fair bit about pc’s as I built my own from not knowing much at all, I know my pc can handle anygame I throw at it. Would this glitchy ness and pink walls be because I only have The orange box in gmod, Would that be why I see pink walls and guns etc, Would they be items from games I dont have in gmod ?

Thanks in advance and taking time to read my thread.

P.S Im in need of friends also, I do machinima on the PS3 (Youtube channel MHCLANPS3) Im going to start doing machinima in gmod once I get the hang of it. So anyone who likes role playing and acting, feel free to add me as a friend.

you need CS:S for a lot of the textures.

I thought so, I have a pack on download from steam with, hl & hl dm, css, cz, cs, czds, and ricochet.

Thanks for your quick reply