Hello Spy

I read your suggestions and I made new machinima movie.

Please thumb up if you enjoyed :wink:

Not bad, some of the animation is pretty robotic at times, but at least you put in the effort to make a few decent walk cycles.


You may want to look in to some editing tutorials to learn how to add some motion blur to the movement. Smooth movement with no blur looks unsettling.

Here’s a good tutorial:

Smooth animation and Editing Tutorial by “Dr.Face”


Keep practicing and try watching how people walk and move in real life and attempt to replicate that in Garry’s Mod or Source Film Maker.

Entertainment Value:

I was glad to see that this wasn’t a “lolzXDs0Randumb” video, nice work!

but that basically was what it was

I’ve seen much much worse.

The spy & engineer part sounds like… rape :smiley:

How do I thumb up?

Liked the singing part.