Hello there

Hiya, my name is Carpethop, I’ve been working with Source engine since ~2011, and since HL: A release I’ve spent most of free time with new Source 2 revision.

I already created few addons conversions from Source 1 SFM and done some researches over Source 2 features, for example:

  1. Created comparative table between Source 1 FACS and it successor FACS2.

  2. Created few Blender scripts for quick bones renaming to Source 2 new standards (ModelDoc RenameBone node most of the time just broken tbh).

  3. Figured out how to create .vtex textures for Projected Light Cookie Texture or “Gobo Light Texture" as is was called in Source 1 (I think it wouldn’t be too hard to convert them to S&Box flashlight textures as well).

I’m including few quick examples and my workshop page in case you interested in future collaboration

My Workshop page

I hope to support and create new content for S&Box when it comes out, but for now I am doing HL: A and SFM addons since S&Box is still in close beta state and I don’t have access to game yet.


General Kenobi…


Lately my friend and I made this paper bag hat model with 2 variants for Terry, will probably convert it to S&box when I get official access to beta, since then enjoy HLA renders from a different friend.
P.S. Let me know if you want to use it in your posters, I’ll share the files :upside_down_face:


eh hey, I remember you, glad to see you got the attachment rotations working!
The second style with holes reminds me of the Tub ghost model, can’t find a picture of it though but if you know you know.

Heya, still not sure if it work as it should be, it’s keeps giving me strange rotation in sfm, but some folks with access tested it ingame and it’s looks fine