Hello world - Is this right?

Should this work for my hello world? I tried it and saved it as helloworld.lua and put it in my lua folder in garrysmod and when i tried loading it in the console it wouldnt load. It said something about the character after “[”. What did I do wrong?

Msg (“The-Spy’s Test”)

Also, yes im very new but im just trying to get this code fixed and I can just go off the tutorials later on.

I figured it out, sorry for the mishap.

can you post the error in your console ?

No space in between Msg and (.
[lua]Msg(“Shank’s test”)[/lua]

That dosent matter at all

It doesnt matter if there a space. I had a problem with the saving but i got it working. Thanks anyways.

Msg("Drew’s Test

Do not forget the
or the next thing in console will be on the same line.

Or you can use MsgN() which automatically does the