To any of whom this may concern,

I have recently joined this forum not only because I wish to take part in a friendly community where we all have something in common, but that is about a new game I have also recently started playing.
There probably are very few who actually clicked on this post as most of you are looking for glitches, exploits, problem solvers and tips on new players.
I have mostly none of the above, the one thing I do have is some tips for new players.
I have learnt most of these by experience I have in fact played the game a little bit. Although all of you veterans out there who already have fifty foot guard towers and mansions may not think these tips are useful and true but they helped me survive and thrive. First tip is to trust no one but yourself or close friends. Trusting naked clans who act suspiciously is going to get you killed and when first starting off you are going to die, a lot. Second tip is where to put your house when you eventually get to build one. Bandits are people who KOS(kill on sight) they scavenge through the vast landscape looking for new players to raid and kill. To keep your house and all of your stuff safe from bandits put them in plain sight. People look for hidden houses amongst hills and behind rocks. Note on some servers when you go offline your playable character goes to sleep on the spot where you left leaving you vulnerable.
Food is number 2 behind shelter, for now you get chicken legs from most animals. Cooked chicken heals health hunger and reduces radiation making it useful for raiding toxic cities. It is a good idea to stock pile and ration food. I suggest hiding stashes of useful supplies around your general area so if you do die you atleast have a head start in you reincarnation. If on your journeys you do happen to stumble upon someone either say friendly through a mic or in chat or you can try to smash their skull in with the shitty starting rock. If one does not put their weapon away when you say friendly run or fight back. Remember rust is free for all one can say friendly but still kill you which takes you back to the first tip trust NO-ONE.

When running around gathering food and wood you will most likely run into boulders which sometimes either have a shiny grey gloss or a yellow tinge. Hack the fuck out of those with your rock to get stones, sulfur ore and metal ore. Sulfur ore can be smelted into sulfur using a furnace and combined with charcoal to make gunpowder used for later crafting. Metal ore can also be smelted in a furnace to get metal shards, this can be used to make better hatchets, metal doors, flimsy metal used for building and many other things. Using your stones and wood you have collected open your inventory(default is tab) click crafting up the top and a new bar will appear with different craftable items scroll through until you find stone hatchet. Down in the bottom right it tells you what ingredients you need to craft this item and what you have. Using 10 stones and 20 wood you can craft a stone hatchet. This is like the default rock you start with but it swings faster and does more damage. Note hatchets have durability so you will need to either craft another or make a repair table occasionally. Now you have a hatchet go kill some shit. Using the cloth you gather from dead animals, 80 bits of scrap metal and a fair amount of wood you can craft a revolver.Note you will need a crafting table for this you need about 60 wood, using the crafting table you can craft more items. When you create the revolver it gives you one starting bullets more can be crafted.
After running out of bullets you can still rob people with an empty gun best defence is a good offence am I right?

Well that is all for now. If people actually care about these posts and use the tips I will post more about the game.
If I did help you, your welcome in advance.

-RustyNuts most useless cunt in the continent

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