Hello! I introduce myself, I am Italyco, I’m new here, I come from Italy, I hope to be accepted in this wonderful community!

Today I have a question to ask yourself a question that I think is important for me: D and my question is this: is there a mod that allows you to drive, or ride a strider combine in Gmod?

I hope you can help me :frowning:

Thank you in advance for all and congratulations for this wonderful community

(sorry for my bad English)

Your spelling was actually halfway decent, but then you spelled English inglese…
And i have not seen an addon like that, sorry.

I corrected, thanks.

you must excuse me, but God made me Italian not English.

im sorry again.

As i said, everything before that was decent.

You can ‘pilot’ Striders, Hunter Helicopters and Combine APCs in Stridermod, but that is a seperate mod and not for GMod. It would take extensive Lua coding to make it work in GMod.

Ok :smiley: ty again :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I already tried this mod but to no avail, sadly I learned later that one of the modder has died and with him his mod. :frowning:

Yea the website is just a bunch of asian looking characters. :\

:frowning: yes

Actually, I think it might be broken due to a HL2 DM update. :frown:

exactly :frowning:

Welcome to Facepunch. Juuuust a small hint, dont use “:slight_smile: :frowning: ^^” smilies here. Use these instead.


Welcome to facepunch Italian mate.
(yes,i’m Italian too)
No-one has ever made yet a controllable strider mod for garry’s mod,and as you can see that Source Mod is dead like his owner. (he was the same one who made Exite Mod)

welcome to Facepunch, the troll ghetto.

God, I laughed harder than I should. :saddowns:

mmmmmmmm then I can only thank all of you!

Thank you immensely!

A JVs your post is number 666 xD anyway Thank you immensely again!

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thanks friend

Go off and play with your new toys then!

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I.e posting abilities