Hellp with ghost entity check if other ents inside ghost ents bounding box limits.

Hello FP, I am trying to make a tool that has a ghosted entity and when you are placing this entity it will turn either red or green based off of if there is other ents in the ghosted entities bounding box.

IE I want to check if its okay to spawn a prop with my tool based off of the ghosted ents bounding box limits/find in box perhaps.

if there is a prop inside the bounding limits/ghosted ents model box then turn red for not okay.

Turn green if there is no other entities inside these limits for okay.

heres the code so far ( which works but does give me what the correct results ( the ghost ent will stay red even after I pull it away from the other ents ))

function TOOL:UpdateGhostThruster( ent, Player )

	if ( !ent ) then return end
	if ( !ent:IsValid() ) then return end

	local tr 	= utilx.GetPlayerTrace( Player, Player:GetCursorAimVector() )
	local trace 	= util.TraceLine( tr )
	if (!trace.Hit) then return end
		local ang = Player:GetAimVector():Angle() 
		local minn = ent:OBBMins()
		local newpos = Vector(trace.HitPos.X,trace.HitPos.Y,trace.HitPos.Z - (trace.HitNormal.z * minn.z))
		ent:SetPos( newpos )
		local min,max = ent:WorldSpaceAABB()
		local boxents = ents.FindInBox(min, max)		--( Vector(-32,-32,-32), Vector(32,32,32) )
		local indx = ent:EntIndex()
		for k, v in pairs (boxents) do
			-- if theres props in our findinbox which is sized and positioned to our ghosts bounding box
			-- then color our ent red for no placement
			-- else
			-- the bounding box is clear of ents
			-- color the ghost green for okay'ed placement
			-- end
-- there is a think function below that runs this update function every frame