Hell's Angel

I don’t really know about the title, I wasn’t sure about making a thread for this, but I put about an hour and a half into fiddling with the textures (something I’m just getting into), so I figured it was worth it’s own thread as it ended up being kinda cool.

[https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/17239680/Facepunch/Photoshop Contests/ScreenshotEdits/Sydney/Preview.jpg](https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/17239680/Facepunch/Photoshop Contests/ScreenshotEdits/Sydney/1080p.jpg)
[1440p](https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/17239680/Facepunch/Photoshop Contests/ScreenshotEdits/Sydney/1440p.jpg) - [Original](https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/17239680/Facepunch/Photoshop Contests/ScreenshotEdits/Sydney/original.jpg) (ugly motorcycle model) - The song I listened to on repeat for an hour while I made this. C&C, this is one of ~3 images I’ve “retextured” after the fact.

You can really see the difference when you compare the two! Looks like a such high quality model, haha. I like it! It would look really good in a close up action scene.

Do you just isolate each individual part and use the pattern tool? (With say a pic from google) I’ve always been curious how people do it :open_mouth:

I isolate the different parts of the picture (I do this with almost every photo, it’s super time consuming, but gives you so much freedom), and use the clone stamp with textures from cgtextures.com.