HeLLsGamers - 1/2 Craft/PvP/Sleepers - WIPED 12/29!

Hey guys, we’re back up with a new IP. Server is now located in Dallas, Texas. Low ping, and 150 slots! Join us today.

Type this on console to connect: net.connect

We’re freshly wiped, so sure to join today, and make your way to the top fast!


No Cheating - results in a permban
No Flaming / Crying
No Racism
No Duping - results in a permban
If you suspect a hacker send me a PM or contact an InGame admin.
We will only wipe the server if needed for updates.

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Server is back up, feel free to join! We’re a regular community server, and all clan members are friendly!

Guys come check us out. Fresh server, Just wiped! Help us populate the server!

We are now a regular community server, no longer 1/2 craft, in order to keep the game going at normal pace.

Join us~ :slight_smile:

Active admins are on for the majority of the time! We’re also playing (legit of course, admin abuse is not tolerated)

Join up~ net.connect

Off to bed now, server is still running 100% smoothly, not one lag spike for hours.

Still up and running, lag free! Join us~

I have just updated the server with Garry’s newest update, which should have fixed all DDoSing for good!

Come on in and let’s populate :D.


Updated! Up a rolling! Help us populate!