Hellsing Ova Harkonnen Cannon problem

Yo guys

I have a sma… no big problem… hell no f@%#^$& annoying problem.Right now I’m doing Harkonnen model from Hellsing OVA(not from Dune). Well you know the one which that girl named Seras uses for some extra firepower.


So my problem is with one piece which I try to smooth using NURMS.When it is not smoothed it is ok, but then i use NURMS on it, it suddenly makes sh%$ like this


So if you could help me to fix that that would be great.I would be thankful for any help.

P.S sorry for my bad spelling (not english guy)

P.S.S you can ignore number 2 on second pic the main problem is number 1

Try making a second edgeloop behind the spot where 1. is happening.

And why the hell does that stock of yours has so many edgeloops? It’s not needed and will just take tons of resources. Even thought it’s a high-poly model (apparently) it doesn’t mean the base model shouldn’t be optimized.

Thanks I’l just do it right away.

And about stock… well I’m still a total newbie in such things. :smiley: So I do lots of them so it is easier for me not to make many mistakes. And by the way this model was done using photo as reference so I tried to pay much attention to even smallest detail.But I’l try to minimize the number of edgeloops.

P.S Maybe it is stupid question, but I’m just asking for advice as a newbie. Then doing a model is it really important to smooth all objects? I mean can I leave some objects without smooth option or does it effect quality of the model very much?Especially I plan (maybe) to make this model for Gmod.


Thanks Pling your advice worked very well, but the other problem didn’t repaired itself and I’m out of ideas what to do