Hellsing Seras' Harkonenn Rifle

This is one of my personal favorite guns from the series, it’s a freaking hand held artillery cannon freaking pimp, so I figured I would make a model of it since I can’t seem to find one of it anywhere

I’m pretty happy with my progress I did and this is my 3rd model, the other ones are unworthy of mention they where more like tests. But more will come as I am trying to make an entire weapon out of this(this means my own materials,w_models,v_models,lua ect…), once it is done I will post this in models/skins and give a link to a Lua code I will have made assuming I ever get finished texturing XD please criticize or whatever it is you guys do on here I will work on making the handle ect… to look less crappy but I will be working vigorously for a few weeks on this, If I am not finished in 2-3 weeks this will never get finished but I may post the .exe file somewhere for someone else to work on NOTE:This will obviously be a world model no hands see? And ignore the green plus in the middle , and on that note here is 1 more pic…

Download Here:http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=103576

Oh god yes, I love that gun.

Any chance of you making the absolutely ridiculous one she wields in volume 6 that’s like a freaking hand held anti aircraft gun?

Thanks for posting, I do not remember volume six? Could you post a picture of it, and after I get done with this I can release it, unless I die in the process of making this.

I was expecting something from Dune. :frowning:

I am very sorry to disappoint you but I did put Hellsing in the front of my post I figured that would clean up some of the confusion… But what is dune? I’m extremely new to anime, hellsing was my first so. Could you post a pic of one of the more badass guns of them so I can check it out?

EDIT:I am extremely close to done with the world model just have to test it in game expect release sometime this weekend. ^.^

Very nice model.

XSI 5! :buddy:


o.o I did not think this simple material I did would look that good but I am happy with my results…

BTW:I will add normal mapping and a very small hint of phong(maybe) and ingame photo of this within a few hours
XSI 6! :buddy: lol
P.S. Since you probably can’t read the side it says -HELLSING ARM INDUSTRIALS CO. LTD-

This model is now finished, atleast the world model is… If you want I can make a breakaway version and a shell for posing… But I really suck at making textures… that is why it looks somewhat like cardboard. But this is only my third attempt and it was all on my own… I will upload soon.

Dune was and old film, but it’s pretty good compared to it’s age.
It’s about a planet called Arrakis, what is a huge soruce of “spice”.
There are great houses of families, and there is confilct.
There are also gigantic sand-worms what are attracted to sound.

Anyway, this gun looks good!

This model is now available for download. Further information + download can be found here download:http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=103576

Forgot to mention that the baddies are the Harkonnens.

Dude, you did an awesome job. Hellsing was such a kickass manga, and the Harkonnen was easily one of the sweeter weapons. Good to see it created so faithfully :smiley:

Yeahh, indeed. Thanks for the notice.

Can’t you make weapon from this prop?

Excellent work on this.

God you guys Dune was a series of Novels. Also this manga was the most idiotically ridiculous thing ever (one of the worst I’ve seen). Model is good though.