HellzoneClan PERP

Alright, I was playing during a Zombie Event and make a walkway from gates to the top of the roof. An admin saw me up there and instantly perma banned me without even asking how I was up there. Last time I checked you could build on a roof in HZ event as long as there is a way up there.

PERP is not bad, it’s the communities/admins that run it.

This is bullshit.

(User was banned for this post ("crap thread" - postal))

what’s your point

I don’t think another PERP thread that’s going to go on for pages about the drama that stems from it is a good idea.

You mad?
Don’t they have a forum?

oh my god, tell me more


You’re acting like people care about your gmod experience.

fuck people

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especially this guy

And here we go. All the HZ guys are gonna raid this thread and turn it into a 4 page flame war.