Helmet models needed for a gamemode.

Hey there fellas.

I’m working on a gamemode called ‘Project 5’, it’s a team-based FPS gamemode and it has a suppression system, bleeding, weapon attachments, limb (arms (if arms condition are too low - you drop your heavier weapons, although it still needs implementing) and legs) crippling, stamina, team mate revival by using a defibrillator, perks (not the MW bullshit type), a radio menu, an armor system (head, torso, legs) and more stuff. However, I don’t have the models for the helmets and I couldn’t find any on garrysmod.org. If you guys could be so awesome and create 3 helmet models, I’d be really, really grateful.

The helmet models that I need:
Spectra helmet:

Kevlar MICH helmet:

And a steel helmet:


The straps for the helmets are optional, but if you think you can model them, then I’m all up for it as well.
In case you think that this gamemode is fake/etc. here are 2 videos to back myself up.


I think I’ve got this down after we talked on steam. Started simple with the steel helmet. It’s not the most amazing thing in the world but it just might do.


May need a bit of resizing. What do you think? :confused:

Looks good. All it needs now is a better texture and it’ll be ready.