Helmet Texture Needed for Machinima

Hey all,
I am the producer of an in-development machinima series called “The Delta Vector” and I am in need of someone who is willing to texture this and possible future models:


Because of the nature of this volunteer-driven production, you will not be paid or compensated for your work, but you will be given due credit and a special thanks in the credits. Please contact me at CaptainNerdy@gmail.com if you have any questions about this assignment or the Delta Vector series in general.

That’s actually an older picture.

Here’s the finished scuplt.

Didn’t you pm Rusty about this, i recall i mention you can ask him to texture it.

Yeah, he dropped out and referred me to Lt_C, who also dropped out, no fault of our own. =^P

That model is aces, dude. Too bad I can’t texture for shit.

Err wait a minute. Isn’t that zBrush? I thought one of the amazing functions of zBrush was to subdivide the polycount exponentially, and then provide a high detailed model for you to engrave dings, paints and scratches on, and then bake it into a nice texture for the lower poly one?

@Renth I should be the first to know about changes you make to the helmet. You disappoint me. For shame! =^)

@Leintharien It is zbrush, and Renth has been working on getting a texture ready, but we need someone who can actually do the artsy-fartsy part of the texture. In other words, Renth can get the canvas ready, but we need an artist to paint it.


Rusty said he was going to look at it, but you never send him any of the files, last time i heard.

Then what look are you looking for, the color and such. And how is the UV lay out?

Hmm… I’m pretty sure Rusty received the files. Regardless, he could not continue helping us because of other commitments, and so he referred us to Lt_C. While he was able to texture our “elite” helmet (the above helmet is the “grunt” one), he could not commit to us either.

As far as the design I’m looking for, I’d like to follow Lt_C’s design for the Elite helmet, especially with how well it turned out:




We will be using a different combine body for the movie’s enemies, and a different color scheme as well. But I hope you have an idea of what I want. One thing I must stipulate is that there be no glowing lights on the helmet like the eyepieces of the Half-Life 2 Combine. I’m approaching this movie from the most realistic or plausible direction I can, and I can’t foresee how armies of the near-future would use bright lights on their helmets to announce their position to the enemy. I do want to keep that visor idea that Lt_C implemented on the Elite helmet - the visor is tinted kind of like a car window in that you can’t see in, but the soldier can see out. There is a bit of a “visor” in the grunt helmet above, where the eyes, nose, mouth and face would be, but there are also some really cool eye slits that I want to keep. While they look cool, from a practical standpoint, they won’t do much for a soldier’s vision, so perhaps the visor can be that tinted material while the eye slits can be the same material as the rest of the helmet, but colored differently to stand out. I’m open to any suggestions for the design of the texture. If you would like, I can send you the texture files for the Elite helmet Lt_C gave me so that you can see how he did it.

As far as the UV layout, Renth is working on making and finalizing that so you’ll have to take that up with him. I’m really just directing and delegating at this point.

BUMP this needs to be done dudes it looks too nice to let die

Agreed I would love to download this,it looks tight.
I mean…urmm.
alright yeah it looks good i want it.

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I’ll ask couple people around, or rusty again, if he up for it.

Show more. That helmet is amazing.

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Here are few extra pictures.

Rendered within ZBrush using Best Preview Render!

I know that Nerdy said he wanted to keep the “eye slits”, but in actuality the eyes are up higher than that. I did this on purpose to give the helmet a more menacing feel.

And this is what you would be using for texturing!

So, are there any takers?

If I had a working pen for my Graphire, I would have taken you up on this a while ago. I really love the helmet’s design.
I’m terrible at texturing with a mouse though.
Maybe you could ask FloaterTWO or diwako? They’re both very good.

Wow, those models are great. I can texture them a bit.

And can I have some instructions, how could this look? Or do I have a “free hand” in texturing?

Just contact me via PM.

I can texture it when I get back on my computer. I have to re-install 3dsmax though because I lost it when i re-installed windows 7. Once I do so, I will see what I can do.