Helmetless ct_urban?

can someone maybe make a version of the ct_urban without a helmet using a citizen head? I need it for a video i’m working on.

Shouldn’t be that hard at all, I will have a crack at this :D. Do you want me to include materials with that and what Citizen head would you like? (Screenshot would be nice)

i dont think it would require any extra materials seeing as though its already using textures in the game but i dont care if it does. and i would like male_06 please. Heres the male_06 face…


and heres ct_urban


Yeah ok, shouldn’t be that hard :slight_smile:

when do you think you can have it done?

Not completely sure, but there may be some in this

ive looked it isnt in there

Granted the urban isn’t the head you want, all it would take is some texture swapping to finish.

The only problem and i should have said this sooner is that i need them as player models aswell

Beggars can’t be choosers.

yeah im actually working on that but with a male 09 head but im taking my sweeet ass time with it heres as far as i am right now