Help! 3D Ripper DX outputs .3dr files and 3Ds Max 2009 doesn't like the plugin!

And I don’t have enough money for 2010. Please, someone help me!

It has a .OBJ option

I thought 3dr only worked with really old versions of 3dsmax, not newer versions… when I tried to load rips from Far Cry 2, it looked like the 3dr format was only supported by (IIRC) 3dsmax 7 or below.

the OBJ format comes out all twisted ><

Use multiple skew modifiers over and over to correct this problem.

It’s been updated - apparently the export plugin is supported by 3ds Max 5.0 through 9.0, and 2010.

You should downgrade your software or find a trial version of Max 5 through Max 9. The .obj importing is really incomparable in quality to the .3dr importing. 3D ripper DX’s .3dr format supports automatic FOV correction, which is a HUGE help - one of my only annoyances with an older version I was using was that the FOV was never precise, I’d always be guessing slightly. The .3dr importer also gives you a smorgasbord of extra options to make finding the object you want much easier.

Thanks, I’ll try that when I get home.

However, I found out that the part(s) that I want are actually being duplicated with two different yet oddly similar skews. I’m thinking that if I can weld the vertices together in the middle of the viewports (aka @ 0,0,0), I can make the model be right without having to dink around with it.

Course, next thing I found was that 3D Object Converter has been updated to the point where it can open Shaiya model files. So yeah. 3D Ripper DX has just become useless for this project lol