Help: A Few Quick Questions. About Starting Ammo in Lua code, and also ULX.

Hello, Facepunch community, you guys seem packed with people who know alot about lua. So I thought I’d ask a few questions here and i’d be truly grateful to anyone who can help.

  1. In my Darkrp gamemode, I start with ammo after spawn. How do I modify my code so that I could spawn with 0 ammo. Or modify my gun to be picked up with a full clip and no extra ammo.

  2. I also wanted to know more about a particular string for restricting users with ULX. If I want to restrict a Freeze command for a group, I could use “!%superadmin,%admin” . Would this be correct? I mean’t to put exclude superadmin and admin from being affect from Freeze plugin.

Thanks, I am very interested in Lua and I’m hoping I can learn more about it so I can fully customize my server.