Help A Gmod Noob? Recommended Single Player Maps?

Hi Guys,

I am utterly new to Garrys Mod. Where do I start?

I am most interested in single player maps at first but I am totally open to suggestions. So please, tell me what are some of the definitive Garrys Mod experiences that I just have to see?

Thanks for your help,
Mike (A Gmod Noob)

I suggest you (first) stay away to multiplayer, and start out the basics (building a basic car, etc). After that you pretty much know the basics of the game, you can start playing multiplayer, but for the love of god, don’t play DarkRP, it fucking brainwashes you. And if you’re lucky, and want to go beyond GMod, you can always start coding (GMod uses Lua as a programming language, without it most gamemodes wouldn’t exists). And don’t sign your name when you post, it’s really annoying.