Help a new gmod noob out

Ok so I got this pack. Dans npc pack 4. Its great and all but i dont understand why the npcs dont appear. I can hear the sound and some of them can attack me(the ones that use ranged attacks)

They appear as giant error signs. I also got some new sweps from this pack they work perfectly but I have a giant error sign atop of me(the weapon doesnt show But i see part of a letter on me)

Overall the app is great but i dont know what i did wrong.
I put the files in the right places any reason for this?

p.s. there was a crap load of files and i made sure they didnt get messed up. Maybe i messed them up. Is there an easier way to just dump all the files correctly without replacing the files?

It seems that the models are errored or are in the wrong place, try re installing them.

alright i will ill post my reply when i am done

or, you dont havent got the models at all, but thats unlikly…