Help a Noob! Convert these BF-2142 and Crysis Weapon MDL's to OBJ's!

Before you ask, I have researched all the plugins and all the tutorials of converting MDL’s and VTF’s into OBJ’s and DDS’s
But I am a noob to modeling, and so I trust the capable hands of the experts here.

I’d love for someone to convert [some] of these weapons from MDL’s to OBJ’s, and the textures of these weapons converted to assignable DDS or PNG’s

Weapons I’d like to have converted (with links to the posts you can find them in):

The assault rifles, SMG’s, Machine Guns, and Sniper Rifles from Battlefield 2142 (Found in Dtmech’s BF2142 post:

Any of the weapons from Crysis 2 (Found in tlsaudrl2548’s Crysis 2 post:

I understand this request might be tall- so I only ask for as many of these weapons converted as you find possible.

Heisenberg thanks you.

Use Crowbar to convert the MDLs, use the Blender plugin to import the SMDs, then export as OBJ. Textures can be opened/exported with VTFedit.

There’s no modeling required, just basic file opening and saving.

EDIT: Since you’re using Max here’s an smd importer for that.

Alright, I suppose that doesn’t sound difficult. To clarify,

When the VTF’s are converted in VTF edit, do they retain their assignments to their corresponding model?

Suppose I convert an MDL to OBJ, import into 3ds Max,

Will the converted VTFs be assignable to the model in 3ds Max?

I don’t use Max but I’m pretty sure they will be able to do whatever you mean. After all, after you export an image from a VTF file it’s just a regular image, nothing special happens to it.

And Crowbar actually gets the material names correct, so you don’t need to worry about that.

I think what you’re talking about it is whether or not the model will keep its UV. The UV itself isn’t contained in the texture, it’s in the model file. Most converters can keep it intact without too many bugs.

VTF is just a texture format like TGA, but I don’t think 3dsmax can read VTFs so you’ll have to use a TGA or DDS or something else. You might have to specify the path to the new texture files in 3ds if it doesn’t find them.

I use maya so I can’t help you with 3ds specific stuff.

I’ve successfully converted weapons to OBJ’s and VTF’s to DDS

You were right Sgt Joe- its actually quite simple.

Thanks for your help!