HELP a simple afk checker for deathrun

Hello can anyone help me make a afk checker for deathrun so when a death spawns it will display a derma panel with title are you afk then there will be a dbutton saying no and i want a 30 second timer to slay the player if they didnt reply by clicking the button if you need a better explanation ask.

im not sure why people arent helping me sorry if its alot i thought it was easy for you mature lua developers but sorry if its a bit hard if you want just give me bits of it.

It’s not hard, you’re just expecting people to do everything for you.

oh im not going to be rude thankyou i know what you mean that is what i expected because i thought it wouldnt be hard for you lua coders and sorry thanks for the resource hiring a coder but i dont have that type of money … sadly.