help~! about building

y i can put 4 wooden pillar in 4 conner on my wood foundation???
is tat anythings i do wrg ??

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sry wrg typing is y i can’t ***!!

I would have helped, but the fact that you can’t be bothered to type correctly means I won’t.

sry about my poor english! i hav craft a wooden foundation and i set it on floor, then i one put the 4 of wooden pillar in each conner! 1st and 2nd conner i can put the wooden pillar, but in the 3th and 4th conner i can’t put on the wooden pillar…

So you’re telling me two of your pillars won’t place? Did you build it inside a rock?

of course not= = i build on a very free places…

Maybe get a screenshot so we can see actually what you are talking about and we can see if we can help you from there.

how to screenshot ? print screen on keyboard then paste on paint? i try allready can’t= =

F12 ingame should work (Steam takes the screenshot)

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y insert image need URL …zzzzzz

You’re kind of hard to help…

Upload the image to imgur or something, then use that URL.

lol it’s like trying to help a baby change a car battery.